Again, this is a work in progress to assist with easier searches. The following tag list is not complete since photos may not show all the animals within the entire print and/or patterns that were added early on may have just been tagged as generic animals, not specific species. Feel free to comment on individual pattern pages any errors or omissions you find.

animals, antelope, bears, birds, bugs, butterflies, camel, caterpillars, cats, cheetah, chickadee, chickens, cows, cranes, dalmatians, deer, dinosaurs, dogs, doves, ducks, elephants, farm, feathers, fish, fishing, flamingos, forest, frogs, geese, giraffes, gulls, hippopotamus, horses, hummingbirds, insects, jaguars, jungle, kittens, koalas, koi, lady bugs, lamb, leopards, lions, lovebirds, monkeys, moose, National Wildlife Federation, Noah’s Ark, owls, pandas, panther, parrots, paw prints, peacocks, penguin, pheasants, pigs, plains, poodles, puppies, rabbits, raccoons, reindeer, rhinoceros, safari, scenic, seagulls, sharks, sheep, squirrels, swans, tigers, turtles, unicorns, walrus, wildlife, wolf, zebras, zoo

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