We’ve tried to add keywords to each pattern to aid in pattern identification. You may use multiple tags separated by a comma. Samples of commonly used ones are included below. NOTE: Only a few patterns will show on each page of the search. At the very bottom of the screen, click Older Posts to see more.

Alphabetical Tag List



Cabbage Patch Kids cabbage roses cabin cable cactus cages cakes calico California Raisins calla lilies Calvin Klein camel Camellia cameo camera camping candy Candycale cane cannon Cannon Royal Family canoe canyons cape Capri Captain Hook cards Care Bears Caress Carlton Varney carnations Carolina Panthers carousel carriage cars cartoon Cartoon Network carts Case Capades Casper The Friendly Ghost castles caterpillars cathedral window Cathy Hardwick cats cattails CBS Inc. CD chains chalet chambray character chariot Charlie Brown checked checkerboard checkered checks cheetah cherries cherry blossoms cherubs chevron chickadee chickens Chiffon Collection children China Passage Collection China Seas Collection chinese chipmunks chocolate chores Christian Dior Christmas chrysanthemums Cindy Mufson circles circles & dots: aqua circles & dots: beige circles & dots: black circles & dots: blue circles & dots: brown circles & dots: gray circles & dots: green circles & dots: multi-color circles & dots: orange circles & dots: pink circles & dots: purple circles & dots: red circles & dots: white circles & dots: yellow circus cities Clarence House Classic clock clouds clover clowns Coca-Cola coconuts coffee Coke Collier Campbell colonial color combo: black & yellow color combo: blue & green color combo: blue & purple color combo: green & yellow color combo: orange & pink color combo: red white & blue Colorama colored hem: aqua colored hem: beige colored hem: black colored hem: blue colored hem: brown colored hem: green colored hem: orange colored hem: pink colored hem: purple colored hem: red colored hem: white colored hem: yellow Columbia Pictures Industries Inc Columbia Pictures Television columns comb Combed Percale Comfortcale compass Contemporary Classics Collection Contour Cookie Monster cookies cornflowers cosmos Cotton Comfort country couples covered bridge cowboy cowboys cows coyotes CPK cranes Crazy Cases crewel crib crisscross Criterion crochet crocus cross stitch cubes curves Custom Blend


safari Saguaro Cacti sailboats sailing sailor Sam Magoo sampler San Francisco 49’ers sand sandals Sandra Boynton Santa Claus Saturn scale: large scales scallop scalloped scalloped trim: blue scalloped trim: brown scalloped trim: green scalloped trim: orange scalloped trim: pink scalloped trim: white scalloped trim: yellow scallops scarecrow scenic schiffli school Schumacher Scooby scroll scrolls Scuda sea seagulls seascape seashells seersucker semicircles Sensalure Sesame Street Sewannee Productions shamrocks shapes Shari Lewis Enterprises sharks Shasta Daisies She-Ra sheep shells shepard shepardess shepherd shepherdess ships Siesta signature Signature Collection signle color: brown silhouette Simon Chang Simpsons single color: aqua single color: beige single color: black single color: blue single color: brown single color: gray single color: green single color: orange single color: pink single color: purple single color: red single color: white single color: yellow skateboarding skates skating skiers skiing sky sleep Sleeping Gardens Collection Smithsonian smocking Smokey Bear snapshots Snoopy snow Snow White snowflakes snowman soccer Sock It To Me Softcale 180 soldiers solid solid color: beige solid color: blue solid color: green solid color: pink solid color: purple solid color: white solid color: yellow solid w/em solid w/embroidered hem solid w/o decoration solid with printed hem solid: beige solid: red solids song southwest southwestern space Space Jam spaceship sparklers speckled spinning wheel spirograph splatter splattered sports spots Springcale SpringKnight Springmaid Designer’s Collection Springmaid’s Designer Collection square squares squiggles squirrels St. Patricks Day star Star Trek Star Wars stars statue stems Sterling Choice stone strawberries Strawberry Shortcake stream striped floral striped floral: beige striped floral: black striped floral: blue striped floral: brown striped floral: green striped floral: orange striped floral: pink striped floral: purple striped floral: red striped floral: white striped floral: yellow stripes stripes: aqua stripes: beige stripes: black stripes: blue stripes: brown stripes: brwon stripes: gold stripes: gray stripes: green stripes: multi stripes: multi-colored stripes: orange stripes: pink stripes: purple stripes: rainbow stripes: red stripes: white stripes: yellow Style House Stylehouse succulents Sue Hall Sue Lauter sun sunflowers sunrise sunset Super Hero Super Heroes Super Mario Bros Supercale Superlin Superman swans sweater Sweet Dreams Collection sweet peas swimming swing swinging swings swirls Sybil Connolly Sylvester symbols

watercolor, painterly

Animal Prints

jungle, zoo, elephant, monkey, bear, cat, dog


floral, flowers, daisies, posies,#roses, pansies, lilies, trees, daffodils, chrysanthemums, dahlias

I have relied on advertiser descriptions for adding floral names to patterns. Most will not have a flower name. Help with identifying would be most appreciated.


circles, squares, triangles, stripes, striped, grid


landscape, seascape, waterscape

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